Over the last 50 years CAVICEL SpA (ITALY) has developped a deep experience in studying, designing and manufacturing cables that exceed the extreme conditions. CAVICEL are entrusted in enormous range of worldwide usage where high performance is required.
The never ending research, made with the cooperation with some of the most
prestigious Italian universities, and a well equipped and certified laboratory, a
solid “know-how” based on over 50 years of activity, allow Cavicel to offer itself
as a useful partner for every problem concerning the transmission of any optical
of electrical signal.
Producing fire resistant cables is a great responsibility for society. Fire resistant cables will be installed in critical area or crowded by a large amount of people: subways, cinemas, shopping centres.The main characteristic of these cables, their capability to work even during a fire, is not so evident in normal working conditions, but it’s critical in a fire event.
Cavicel is fully committed to the scientific experience and technology to provide cabling solution for such extreme fire circumstance. We are surely passing throughout different techniques, but always aiming to the same goal: quality and reliability first of all.
We are capable, and shall always look for being your best choice.